Pigment Markers

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are the most recent launch from the Winsor and Newton stable.

No Ordinary Marker

Pigment market carmine

They’ve taken the marker pen. And re-written the rules. Introducing the new Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ – a pen so revolutionary it will change the way you work forever. Using only the highest grade, lightfast, fine art pigments, there are over 100 beautiful colours to choose from. There’s also a unique White Blender that places a limitless palette of tones and hues at your fingertips. This is no ordinary marker. This is creativity without limits.

Not only that but a WHITE blender adds infinite possibilities


An infinite colour palette, right at your fingertips. Introducing the first-ever White Blender, specifically designed for the Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ system. Using white titanium dioxide pigments, this remarkable new pen lets you build, blend and soften colours like never before. Mix tones fluidly and intuitively, creating myriad colours and subtle effects – even on black paper. The possibilities are limitless.

Made to last

Using fine pigments rather than dyes Winsor and Newton Pigment markers offer unrivalled staying power of up to 100 years (under laboratory conditions) traditional dye based markers fade 50 times faster!

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are available from Northwich Art Shop, 111 Witton Street, Northwich. Cheshire CW9 5DY